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Access to CCC Portal for Illinois Licensed Attorneys

Training Resources

All users are strongly encouraged to attend a training session before using CCC Portal. The following pre-recorded webinars are provided to help users become acquainted with performing searches using CCC Portal.

Online Training Webinars
Training Guides

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Announcements and Updates

Known Issue(s)

When the number of records in the Events and Orders of the Court exceed the default page length, the user must click either the 'Next', 'Last', 'Previous' or 'First' buttons to navigate the pages. In some cases, this has generated an 500 server error. To remedy this, perform your search again, instead of paging through the results page by page, choose 'Show All' to view all the records on a single page.


Your username is the e-mail address you entered when you registered for CCC Portal.
Upon completing both the registration and request for access to CCCPortal for an Illinois practicing attorney, allow 1 to 2 business days or less for your request to be approved. Upon approval you will receive an email indicating your access request has been approved. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours, please contact us at

If your request for access to CCC Portal is denied, you may send a request for appeal to Include both your name and ARDC number.


Questions related to requests for Illinois licensed attorney user access