Article: Filing a New Chancery Case

The general Chancery complaints filed consist of actions and proceedings concerning arbitration, mandamus, quo warranto, interpleader, ne exeat, specific performance, rescission and reformation of contracts, creditors' rights, complaints for contribution, actions to quiet title, setting aside of deeds, partition, equitable lien,...

Article: Notice of Appeal

The parent of the minor representing himself/herself (Pro Se Litigant) must come to the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Child Protection Division located at Cook County Juvenile Center, 1100 S. Hamilton (Ground  Level) to request to file a Notice of Appeal.

Article: Motion for Change of Venue

A written request presented to the judge asking that the case matter be transferred out of the present jurisdiction and into another jurisdiction because of certain and significant factors existing in the present jurisdiction that may unduly prejudice the case.

Article: Substitution of Judge

A written or oral request presented to the judge asking that the case matter be transferred before another judge.  When a case is first filed, the motion can be for any reason(s) and the reason(s) do not have to be disclosed to the court.  However, if the judge has already rendered a significant ruling in the matter, the motion for substitution of judge must be "for cause" in that the person making the motion has to provide the court with a significant reason as to why the case will be unduly prejudiced if it remains before the current judge.

Article: Release of Records and Release of Impounded Records

A written or oral request to the judge that records sealed from the public be released to the person requesting the records or to a person or persons named by the requestor.   Impounded records can only be released pursuant to a court order.

Article: Motion Counter

Parties seeking to file a new case, pleadings, motions, appearances or other court documents should visit the Motion Counter.  There are court forms available at this counter upon request.   

Article: File Counter

The file counter is available for customers who would like to view court files, obtain copies of court orders and/or copies of pleadings.  Customers seeking to obtain copies of case file content must provide a current and valid picture identification.  Access to case files and copies are only available to the following persons: legal parents, guardians, attorneys, social service workers and law enforcement involved in the case.  Customers are allowed a maximum of five files at one time.

Article: Cashier Counter

All financial transactions are processed at this counter.  The cashier is able to assist customers with payment of filing fees, copy fees, certification fees, Annual fees, Non-sufficient fund check collection and case number assignments, 

Article: Application to Sue or Defend as an Indigent Person (735 ILCS 5/5-105)

Anyone requiring the waiver of fees in the Law Division must complete the Application for Waiver of Court Fees form and present it to Law Division's Presiding Judge.

Article: Appointment of Special Administrator in Wrongful Death Case (740 ILCS 180/2.1)

A Special Administrator may be appointed in a Wrongful Death case that has not been filed by bringing a Petition to Appoint Special Administrator during the Routine Motion Call in the Presiding Judge's Courtroom.

Article: Assignment of and Maintaining an Attorney Code Number

Attorney code numbers are required for attorneys filing documents in the Clerk's Office.

Article: Registering a Judgment From Another State or County

Foreign judgments filed with the court pursuant to the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, 735 ILCS 5/12-650 et seq.  

Article: What are the rules for filing a Notice of Appeal in the civil areas of law?

The procedures for filing a Notice of Appeal are found in the Illinois Supreme Court Rules 301 et seq. 

Article: Certification of Court Records

A certification request form is available for customers at our front counter.

Article: Copies of Court Records

Customers may request copies of their file at our front counter.

Article: Expungements

The court file must be ordered through the Presiding Judge's Office of the Juvenile Justice Division.

Article: Do I have to request the Record on Appeal?

The Clerk's Office will not begin preparation of the Record on Appeal until the Request form and payment are received.

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