How to File an Eviction

  • Serve five-day notice, give a copy to tenant, have your copy notarized.  (This is your proof to the judge that you have followed legal procedures.)
  • Come to the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington, Room 601 and ask for a complaint and summons. Fill these papers out stating in your complaint:  (a) what it is that you wish to occur as a result of filing the complaint; and (b) address of tenant (for the sheriff to provide service).
  • Come to Room 602 to process the complaint and summons.  Pay fee to cashier. (If an alias summons is needed there will be an additional fee.)  At this point you will receive a court date, which will be a minimum of 14 days after the initial date of filing.
  • Proceed to the Sheriffs Department, 7th Floor, Room 701 to pay the fee for service.
  • Return on designated court date.