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Law Division

The Law Division hears actions in which the amount of the claim is in excess of $30,000. The case types heard include, but are not limited to: appointment of trustees, breach of contract, personal injury and property damage.  The Law Division also maintains the Asbestos Registry.

Records Maintained

The records maintained date from 1871-1964 and 1980-present. Since 1964, Law Division cases have been retained for 21 years and then destroyed pursuant to statute with a 3% sample of cases retained for archival/historical purposes. Law Division also maintains the Asbestos Registry; plaintiff and defendant indexes [1871-1964] for the Circuit Court and Superior Court on microfilm; a microfiche Law Division index [1966-present]; and Docket Books and Clerk's Record Books [1871-present] which are stored off-site.

Administrative Review Action
The appeal process for workers' compensation; claims under the Unemployment Insurance Act; and all tax matters, except administrative review of Property Tax Appeal Board final decisions when the amount in controversy exceeds $3,000.  
An action for damages arising from asbestos exposure. (Names may be added to the Asbestos Registry by visiting the Law Division in person.)
Breach of Contract
An action that is filed when parties that have entered into a contract are in conflict.
Breach of Warranty
An action for damages resulting from the failure of a party under contract to maintain or repair.
The process for a government agency to take a parcel of land.
Confession of Judgment
A complaint for confession of judgment may be filed when parties that have signed a confession of judgment have broken their agreement. It provides for a quick remedy if a borrowing party fails to comply with an agreement.
Construction Injuries
A complaint for damages arising from an injury at a construction site. 

Consumer Fraud
A complaint seeking a financial remedy when a company engages in a fraudulent act.
An action for the recovery of property or its value as damages.
Dram Shop
A claim for damages arising from a defendant being over-served which results in a vehicular accident or other physical damage.
Fen-Phen/Redux Litigation
An action for damages arising from the use of the diet drug combo Fen-Phen or Redux.
A financial remedy when an individual engages in a fraudulent act.
Intentional Tort
A claim for damages when a party commits a tort with intent to harm.
Legal Malpractice
A remedy when a licensed attorney failed to meet the standards for the profession.
An action for damages arising from the use of defamatory information in writing or in a verbal manner.
Medical Malpractice
An action for damages arising from medical negligence.
Motor Vehicle
An action for damages arising from a vehicle collision.
Pediatric Lead Exposure
An action for damages related to children being exposed to and/or ingesting lead paint.
Petition for Discovery
A petition to take depositions or subpoena records before a case is filed.
Petition for Qualified Orders
A petition to convert a structured settlement to a lump-sum payment.
Petition to Issue Subpoena
A petition to take a deposition of a person residing in Cook County for a case pending in another state, territory or country.
Petition to Register Foreign Judgment
The registration process for judgments entered in other counties and states in order that monies owed may be collected.
Premises Liability
An action for damages to a person from an unsafe condition on another person's property.
Product Liability
An action for damages arising from the use of an unsafe product.
Professional Malpractice
A remedy when a service provided by a licensed professional failed to meet the standards for the profession.
Property Damage
An action for damages related to property.
Statutory relief for property or money before a suit is filed.
Retaliatory Discharge
An action filed when a former employee believes that they were discharged as a punishment.
Silicone Implant
An action for damages arising from the use of silicone implants. For example, damages from the use of silicone breast implants.
Statutory Action
A complaint seeking damages related to a claim based in statute.

Q: How do I find out which judge is assigned to hear my case?
A: When a case is filed in the Law Division, it is randomly assigned via a computer program to a calendar letter. You may contact the Information Desk at (312) 603-5426 to obtain the Judge's information associated with the calendar letter.

Q: How do I find out when the next court date is in my case?
A: You may determine your next court date by checking the Case Snapshot or contacting the Information Desk at (312) 603-5426.  

Q: Does this person or company have any cases filed against them?
A: The Litigant Index Search and the Information Desk can help determine whether or not an individual or company is involved in a Law Division case.

Q: How do I find out if a summons has been served in my case and if an appearance has been filed?
A: Determining whether service has been made or an appearance has been filed in a Law Division case may be accomplished by checking the online electronic case docket, the digital access terminals that are located in the division or contacting the Information Desk by telephone at (312) 603-5426.  

Q: What is the fee to file a complaint, appearance and jury demand?
A: The filing fees can be obtained by reading the Fee Schedule on this site or calling the Law Division at (312) 603-5426.  

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Article: Application to Sue or Defend as an Indigent Person (735 ILCS 5/5-105)

Anyone requiring the waiver of fees in the Law Division must complete the Application for Waiver of Court Fees form and present it to Law Division's Presiding Judge.

Article: Appointment of Special Administrator in Wrongful Death Case (740 ILCS 180/2.1)

A Special Administrator may be appointed in a wrongful death case that has not been filed by bringing a Petition to Appoint Special Administrator during the Routine Motion Call in the Presiding Judge's Courtroom.

Article: Assignment of and Maintaining an Attorney Code Number

Attorney code numbers are required for attorneys filing documents in the Clerk's Office.

Article: Registering a Judgment From Another State or County

Foreign judgments filed with the court pursuant to the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, 735 ILCS 5/12-650 et seq.  

Article: Placing a Claim on the Asbestos Registry

Claimants may file a claim on the Asbestos Registry until the filing of a complaint.  

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