Ahead of Schedule, Clerk Dorothy Brown Delivers First Installment of New Case Management System and

Ahead of Schedule, Clerk Dorothy Brown Delivers First Installment of New Case Management System and Integrated Permissive eFiling System in County Division

  • imgTuesday, March 13, 2018

CHICAGO – In less than one year after Clerk Dorothy Brown delivered opening remarks at the New Case Management System Project Kick-off Meeting, the initiative’s first major milestone has been achieved.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, the County Division of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County implemented Odyssey Case ManagerTM, a product by Tyler Technologies.

The County Division Case Management System is Delivered Five Months Ahead of Schedule. Original implementation timing, as set forth in the project’s kickoff meeting, was slated for July of 2018; however, at the request of Clerk Brown, project teams dramatically accelerated the development effort in order to implement the new case management system early. County Division began realizing anticipated benefits five months earlier than originally expected.

In 2017, the Clerk’s Office signed a multi-year contract with Tyler toward implementing Odyssey Case Manager throughout the entire Cook County court system. Phase 1-County Division is the first of five separate implementations toward upgrading all areas of law across Cook County. Subsequent Odyssey Case Manager implementation has been scheduled, including deployment to all areas of criminal law in 1Q2019. All areas of civil law are expected to be completed by 2020, followed by traffic court’s anticipated 2021 implementation.

“Upon the successful implementation of Phase 1 of the new case management system project, our County Division is now fully enabled with best-in-class software to process its multitude of different case types, including adoption filings, tax objections, and mental health cases,” says Honorable Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. “We are now fully automated with end-to-end case management capabilities in County Division, a result of integrating the new case management software with eFileIL,” explains Clerk Brown.

Permissive Integrated eFiling System in County Division is Delivered Two Months Ahead of Schedule. eFileILTM was implemented in County Division late last year, and then integrated with Odyssey Case Manager during February’s implementation. Another product in Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey suite, eFileIL has been chosen as the state of Illinois’ designated electronic file manager (EFM). eFileIL at the Clerk’s Office will serve as the single centralized processor of all electronically-submitted civil cases. When attorneys and pro se litigants electronically file Cook County civil cases, their data will be passed down to Odyssey Case Manager for further processing.

County Division looks forward to realizing some future operational lifts down the road. Cycle time to process a case from start to finish should start to decrease. “We intend to invest this time we save through automation in heightening the customer experience,” says Michael Moore, Executive Clerk of Court Operations and Administration. “The less time we have to spend on manual administrative tasks, the more time we can spend attending to the requests of judges, external agencies, and the public we serve,” he concludes.

“As promised, we are moving forward with major enhancements to the efficiencies of our busy court system. Our successful County Division launch of a new case management system and permissive integrated eFiling marks early milestone successes in our modernization effort,” says Clerk Brown. “Gaining efficiencies in our court room operations, decreasing manual entry thereby improving data accuracy through automation, and enabling better public access to information were among our top imperatives,” Clerk Brown explains. “We are well on our way to realizing these benefits,” concludes Clerk Brown.